DOOR KARMA FARMS – Your Door County Wisconsin Source for High Quality Locally Raised Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Pork, Vegetables and Microgreens

comodo_secure_seal_100x85_transpHi there! We are a local family-farm in the Door County, Wisconsin area passionate about growing produce and raising meat and produce at a higher standard. We choose to follow USDA organic guidelines on our farm which means all of our products are antibiotic, pesticide and hormone-free.

Stop by our farm – located right off Highway 57 North of  Bailey’s Harbor, Wisconsin and the Mudlake Wildlife area and South of Sister Bay!

Planning Your Visit

When you visit Door Karma Farms, you can enjoy picking produce, finding nitrate free meats raised on gmo-free and high omega-3 feed, watching the lamb mower cut the grass naturally, and inspecting our traditional farming methods and how we treat and raise our animals humanely by organic standards.

Picking your own strawberries and produce

Spend the afternoon picking produce with your family to being up north with you for the weekend! You can bring your own bags or we can provide bags.

View our pick your own page to learn more.

Organically raised meat

We raise our meat to USDA organic standards which means that it is antibiotic, hormone and GMO free.

Types of meat include lamb, chicken, beef and pork. Want to learn more? Visit our meats section.

Quality microgreens

Although microgreens are small, they play a big role to Door Karma Farms. Learn more about these greens and visit our grow cabinet in the farm store.  Greens are available year round at Door Karma Farms.

Our Commitment to the Environment!

Door County is an Environmentally sensitive area.  We take several steps to protect our land.  Keeping microbes alive in the soil, using crops to fixate nutrients (legumes) and only adding nutrients when vegetation is growing is the basis of organic land management that we faithfully follow.  We have gone the extra mile too.  Our state of the art compost yard and cattle barn captures most nutrients in the winter when the vegetation isn’t capable of using them, yet we allow outdoor access year around for animal health. Cattle spending their entire time in winter on dirt leaves excess nutrients  to run off.  Trapped manure can be composted to kill harmful bacteria, and spread to crops when they are growing to recycle nutrients safely and fully.  We maximize the symbiosis of nature.  Honey Bees used by our partner, Hatch Distillery, also cross pollinate our fruit trees and strawberry’s.  We protect the animals with predator drone wasps to remove noxious fly’s, and rotate our egg laying chickens throughout the pasture to eat fly larvae.  Our cattle are pastured through intensive rotational grazing to maximize the nutrients and protect the soil by leaving a blanket of green growth at all times.   Our unique pasture mixes developed with Prairie Creek Seeds grow all season long protecting the soil.  Come by and take a self tour of our farm and learn more!! You are always welcome! Stop by Mud lake to see our “adapt a wildlife area.”

Our  Partners!(going the extra mile for quality local food, eggs, grains and produce)

“The Top Farm for Top Chef’s”

Door County Underground

Whistling Swan

Sweet Willy’s Grill

Cloud 9

Coyote Roadhouse

Shartner’s Farm Market

Hatch Distillery

Heirloom Cafe and Provisions

Colleen’s Heritage Bakery


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Natural Fertilizer

  This is an organic red clover plant prior to  a plow down at Door Karma Farms Fields.  The round nodules on the roots are nitrogen fixation nodules.  We bring nutrients into the soil to feed other plants naturally without harmful granulated or liquid synthetic fertilizers.  We  farm properties of several neighbors in Door County, … Continue reading Natural Fertilizer

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